By Kando Inoue rohsi 

Shobogenzo The Four Abodes of Mindfulness
Sanjushichi-Bon-Bodai-Bunpo Thirty-seven Items of Bodhi

 is the law of universe of old buddhas, it is, namely, the teaching, practice, and enlightenment of the thirty-seven items of bodhi. The entanglement of ascending and descending classes, is still the fundamental law of the entanglement. We call it the buddhas and we call it the patriarchs.

There is “the law of universe of old buddhas,” to say that koan; the law of universe is what everyone faces in public. The letter 公kou means public. It will be clear for you to say that you cannot live without it rather than you have to keep it. What is called such is the law of universe. 
     The thirty-seven items are briefly mentioned. We are going to see through them from now. As it is teaching, practice, and enlightenment, there is teaching and we practically experience it, then it will become clear for us how the content of experience is. Which is the proof. It is the proof as getting enlightened. 
     From that, it comes first that it is impossible to do it only by understanding reading what is written. Teaching. If you listened, or if there is teaching, you receive it and think, “Oh is that so? Well then how it is like, what this is like, I will try to do so, I will act.” That sort of thing will be done. When being done, there always comes out the result of the action. Accordingly depending on it, “I see. It is true like what I was taught at first.” Things like that happen. Teaching, practice, and enlightenment.
     There is the phrase, “The entanglement of ascending and descending classes, is still the fundamental law of the entanglement.” I would say it ups and downs, ascending and descending. There might be things you understand well or you don’t understand. In that way, we become one with things and live getting at thoroughly the truth of the things to the bottom. We go on like that to the end of the earth. The representatives of those who lived in that way are called buddhas or Zen adepts.