Thirty seven items of Bodhi was advocated at Entuji in Krashiki city Okayama in 2016. Kando Inoue roshi has advocated Dogen’s Shobogenzo through his entire life in Japan.
     Thirty-seven items of Bodhi are considered as the methods to get enlightened in Hinayana Buddhism. However, Master Dogen did not discriminate the two Buddhist schools, Mahayana and Hinayana. He explained that there existed only the Buddhism that the Buddha taught. 
     Dogen Zenji advocates this Thirty-seven items of Bodhi to explain the true way of practice. However, what he preaches unfolds differently from that of Hinayana school. It is not the practice to improve ourselves by observing ourselves as object but it is the way to clarify our true nature provided originally, by learning ourselves.
     Kando Inoue roshi succeeded Master Dogen’s teaching and let us practice the basic of Zen; to observe appearance and disappearance of Dharma rightly, pure-sitting. He preaches us that the practice is to be in the state here and now as it is, as the working of six organs without inserting our thoughts, the way thinking, feeling, and ideas. 
     The four abodes of mindfulness are placed first in the thirty-seven items of Bodhi. Kando roshi analyzes closely Dogen’s original text and explain difficult words. He often uses plain similes and conveys Dogen’s true meaning. He really shows us how the right practice is and let us know it.
     I am truly grateful for Knado roshi’s kind guidance.
                                                                                           Shizuka Tatsuta
                                                                                           June 2020