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IfIf the mind moves while being in every and each place, you cannot realize the original form.
         (Collected sayings of Gien Inoue Roshi  46)

What is said every and each place is now and here. When it is mentioned every possible place, it is all the same wherever you are. But when it is said every possible place, in fact, it is always now and here. To say that in case your mind moves, means the state of the person who sees as this side and the other side are different things. 


(義衍語録 46 「一切処に居して心を動かすようでは」

一切処とは、今です、ここです。ありとあらゆる所と言いますが、それは何処にいようがと同じです。実際にはありとあらゆる所と言えども、今です、ここです。何処にいようがと言いますが、何時でも今です、ここです。心が動くようではとは、今の活動が展開されているだけですが、此方と彼方を別々なものと見ているかたの有りようです。                                          (井上貫道老師)

一切処は、検索すると 観普賢経に「釈迦牟尼仏を


Mind changes according to every surrounding, the shifted site is really faint.

                                        Heart Sutras ( 摩訶般若心経 のMind )

You should learn the shifted site by eyes.
Now things can be seen, where have they exchanged?
They are exchanging like this. It is really miraculous.
They don’t exchange without scruple.
It is just to be seen. Where did they go what you saw a moment ago?
Here is the shifted site, but it cannot be grasped.
There is nothing left what was thrown away. It is really subtle.
                                                                      (  Inoue Kando Roshi)


A single moment is as mentioned the above sentence, “There is the dharma which is obtained and the person who obtained it. This is the great disease. It is a single moment in time.”(井上義衍老師語録 38 空の真相 the collected sayings of Gien Inoue Roshi 38 the truth of Emptiness. )   The True State of Emptiness

 As the working, it is surly the one moment of now. There is not the dharma obtained and a person who obtained it. 
Two-facedness does not exist because it is one state. When we see T.V., we say that this side and the other side, however, there have never been two. But if one sees based on that one recognizes oneself as the self, as this side and the other side, he sees being now relative to the basic point what he experienced previously, like you saw a standing tree, on which you take it up the state of a tree being cut now, then you cannot readily affirm this 一機一境; a single moment, which I know.  ( By Kando Inoue roshi)

 一機一境は、上文を受けています。(得た法と得た人がある。これまさに大病なり。一機一境です。義衍語録38 空の真相)



Nothing(Doing nothing) is a noble man. Buji; nothing means not to remake, not to restart, it is usual. When you see or you hear, you don’t so again, it is not afterwords, you directly as you are without touching, which is nothing. It is perfect. There is not a single flaw. There is not any extra thing. The person who lives like this is noble. He is a buddha. Originally, all of you live like this, however, you are searching for thatother more wonderful way may exist somewhere. This is foolish of you.  (Kando Inoue Roshi)

無事是貴人 by 井上貫道老師